Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hey... I'm liking that 6 Degress of Live Journal thing... but I keep wanting to post in these peoples journals...

I had this thought... and I'm sure I'll have it again soon, so we'll see, but this idea... You know how on the stats page there is this "Most recent 6 new journals". It's updating constantly (of course).... I imagined organizing an ambush of positive vibes one night... like, plan a time, say 10:00 pm eastern, and at exactly 10:00 everybody go to the stats page and click into all six of the new journals, read the initial post and make a comment...

Just imagine... someones first tentative step into Lj land and they get innundated with quite literally a hundred comments... phuqu'en eh... that'd be awsome.
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