Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


I really don't understand the conundrum that faces so many potential voters in America.

People lay claim to their political affiliation like it's some kind of virtue or better yet...
a determining factor in their expectations for the hear-after.

Believe me... the religious personification of the great unanswered questions... aka God, could not care less if you are a republican or a democrat.

What really matters is whether or not you... (and by "you" I mean, the american voter) are ready to step up to the plate... and vote for change.

It boggles my mind that a country with such fervent ties to christian religion can be so easily moved to nationalist pride over the actions of a global playground bully and toss out every virtue espoused in their holy scriptures in favour of killing, burning and destroying.
There should be billboards plastered across the skylines of all your great cities covered with the images of the dead and the torn up soldiers you have sent to distant lands to suffer and die... for what? Because your government is going to bring peace, prosperity and democracy to those other countries???
Note: such billboards would be against the law... so don't worry... little johnny with his legs blown off will not soon grace the skyline. It's ok to show dead arabs but, apparently, not dead americans.

No really... I find it really challenging to understand how people can be "pro war" and support an administration that pushes your sons and daughters to the business end of an automatic weapon and sends them out into the world to fight other peoples battles in the name of homeland security.

Raise you hand if you think America is safer since Bush took your country to war in the Persian Gulf.
Now use that hand to pat yourself on the head... good dog... here's a biscuit.
Now stand on one foot and bark.

Why is there any question about whether or not people should vote for Kerry?

You know what you get with Bush...

You don't know what you will get with Kerry.
But for sure it'll take him and his circus a year to get their shit together.
Can you imagine how many Americans will not DIE during that year?
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