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Tuesday, August 31... Clearly Not September 1st.

Yeah... so wake up and go directly to my new dentist... I fucking blew off Mengela and his crew after that horrific Root Canal issue. New Dude has the uber groove station coffee maker system for clients and his office is way close to home. (yeah!) I'm seeing him about the tension and headaches in the land of "post root canal me". I have a real TMJ problem and it's just being a bitch lately. So ... he fitted me with this relatively new gizmo... a california invention. It's a mini bite manager... Clips over the two front teeth and it's small... but when it's in ... none of the other teeth can connect. It's called NTI-tss "Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System" HA! Say that five times fast without spitting... dare ya! :D

I'll let you know how it goes...

Hey... I posted my [ :: Big Birthday Bonanza post :: ] for The September Club last night... completely convinced that today was the begining of September.
Sorry if I'm a little out of sync. :D

~ green ftls
~ dk gray dress pants
~ deep maroon dress shirt
~ a nice tie... yeah, a tie... ug.
~ dentist before I was even awake!!
~ complete the oracle process... patches... we don't need no stinking patches... er... oh wait... yes we do.
~ a couple of meetings on the "backup project."
~ Amazing Race and Big Brother tonight... REMEMBER: New Times for tonights shows.
~ that the tomorrows creaping towards smalltowngirlie ... hurry up and get here.
~ for some really good vibes to make their way into the life and times of Sugar-Vix... er... alcestis.
~ that the world of you catches a little break there theauthoress...
~ for all that ouch to go away pixiecup... I'll even kiss it better...
~ to just send a few random moments of wish out to icicle... um... just because.
~ that today is the start of something wonderful for my friend nbbmom.

At times like [ :: this :: ] I really wish I was a Mac Head... As I said to balljar... that is gucking forgeous!!

So I keep hearing about them Iraqi insurgents and their new money grubbing methods of fighting the American Infidels. Why only yesterday they were reporting another new Tax on the oil pipelines. Last week there levied a tax on the oil wells themselves. Now I guess you have to hand it to them for playing the Americans own game on them... tax tax tax... it's what kills ya man... But how can all those money fat companies playing in the Persian Gulf be complaining about those Clerics and their followers. I mean... it's just a tax. Like they don't have to deal with that everywhere... and besides they always just pass it on to the consumers... right...
what? hmm?
Oh... Attacks!
Okay... um... never mind.

K... time to go play with Oracle - TMFF, (The Monster From Frisco)

Have a wonderful day!!!! :D
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