Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

oyi... it's very strange outside...
It's very cloudy... but there's a "grayness" to the very air itself.
... like the darkening clouds are pulling the light from around us,
... like a page of text printed when the toner cartridge is almost empty...

No, I'm not high. :D

Things I wish I saw at the olympics... but sadly missed.
~ the trampoline gymnast (ar ar ar) that stopped her routine (and forfeit her medal chances) to yell at her coach...
~ any of the rhythmic gymnastics... although silver hair and green eyeshadow sounds like the best of the lot.
~ the guy gymnast that walked away from the bars with a bleeding head...
~ the big honking russian wrestler that got pissed and started fighting with ..??? his coach? somebody elses coach?
~ the swedish beach volleyball team hugging after a point...

My son... Edward... sings great gothic chanting songs to himself when he's playing with ...
like action figures or a pile of beads or whatever...
it's beautiful, wonderful and a wee bit strange to hear.
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