Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 29.

A very sleepy me...
And a day in the sorta-wet that needs to get started.
It's cloudy and rainy and ... it's a Sunday.
I want to move nice and slow today. :D

I picked my folks up at the airport last night...
They're home safe and sound.

~ 3WV T shirt...
~ black ftls...
~ and a wee bit of a sleepy thing... that I need to shake.
~ to go to Edwards Soccer Tourny ... (Geo's was last week)
~ Rain or Shine... Edward want's his "participation medal" something big... (and it's raining)
~ then... really no special plans today... :D
~ I could figure out what the heck is wrong with my BIL's computer...
~ there was time to read all'y'all before I go to the games but they start at 8:45 and I gotta git...

Windows XP computer that is starting to look like a MB problem... freezes at mup.sys during boot up... well it did right up until I fried the HD (I made a back up first!).  Now I can't even get past the "starting windows" stage of the "bootable windows XP Pro CD", hence I can't reinstall.  I've swapped out memory, then video... the drive... etc... it's just driving me bonkers. :(

Anyways... I gotta go, so I'll check you out later. :D

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