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Friday... All about Friday... August 27


::::::::::::::::::::[ the web site Friday Picture is here !!]::::::::::::::::

(and yes.. I know I'm a goof... but thanks for checking in... :D)

It's kinda wet and cool today. It rained all night... nice gentle rain... and everything cooled down and got a little greener. :)
It's like summers last gasp and getting Mommy Nature to give it up on the paint pallet.
... and I'm in a really amazing mood. Not sure why... Oh yeah... it's FRIDAY!!! :D

~ green ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... [ :: oh hi... why yes... I'm still doing this... why do you ask? (lol) ::]
~ (edit... yes, i'm wearing a shirt)
~ dark ... er... probably black but I can't tell, button up short sleeved shirt.
~ reading appraisal documents and then going to a smile-and-nod meeting with ... well people who were my bosses last year...
~ time sheet day...
~ something about yogi pants... or was that yoga?
~ more backup stuff... hopefully, meet with a client
~ tear off all my clothes and run screaming through the office.
~ come on... you still read this? ar ar ar...
~ write about BB at some point...
~ read more of the player bio info on the Survivor Vanuatu web site.
~ that Mix102.9 would reset their Net Stream (it plays... but no sound - and I'm not talking about the "local commercial" blanks) Reset baybeee!!
~ that my friend angry_amy finds herself safe and secure...
~ I could honestly say I understand the concept of a "purse emergency"... for now, I'll just rely on amyaustin to be the Squad 51 on that issue.
~ to send some special props out to ladyfire and her big basket of pride for her daughter Tarynn.
~ I had more time to read friends pages... sigh...

// yeah... rant time.
Hockey... the great and pure darwinism of it all just astounds me. I used to think the absence of a Helmet Law for motorcycles was the best example of social darwinism... but I was slipping. Gotta dig all those people chanting and professing their love for Bartoooooosy when he shows up at court to say "not guilty" ... while the judge (holding the video tape) tries desperately to not let Vodka shoot out his nose... Personally I hope Moore's wife hires a hit man and has him shot in the face.
I mean, I can cheer along with the rest of 'em when our team plays and I'm lucky enough to get a seat to watch. But don't be fooled. I remain totally confident in my opinion that hockey is the stupidest sport in the universe. Carry big sticks, strap swords to your feet and fly at one another like bullets. Cool.
It all comes to a boil when I watch a news docu last night about kids hockey in Canada. The depth of violence is still there folks... don't be fooled by the nay sayers that sing songs of how much "better it is now" ... yeah right. One kid, suffering from the long term effects that having his unconscious head smashed repeatedly into the ice by the Destined-to-die-drunk other player (we're talking 12 year olds here). "Why does he get to play? While I have to stay away from sports until I heal? He should have to stay off the ice until the person he hurt can play again." Dude... that makes perfect sense to me.
Meanwhile... hockey continues to be a ridiculous sport and if you're game to play... power to you... The false teeth will look great.
// ug

Have a great day muchachos y muchachas... :D

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