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Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Kitty Burninator

Where-in... Miss Monotone continues to try and seek vengeance in the name of Mr. Pink (who is no doubt foaming at the mouth in the Jury house). Marvin’s getting testy and the conspiracy of Veto turns this into a blood sport. Oh, and they decide that Holly’s Hello Kitty ceramic cat must be Jewish.

Loser say what?
(aka "The WEEK in as few words as possible")
Nakomas, clearly related to Kevin Costner, continues to drone on in her utterly “without range” voice about how Adria and Nathalie broke the pinky swear… while the twins get frustrated with the idea that actually, Nathalie was no where to be seen when Adria was pinky swearing. “Who to ask to play veto with you” is the name of the game for the twins now that they have no one to turn to except Cowboy and he’s only good for toe sucking. Diane is pushed closer to a lifetime of xanax abuse when the twins put her on the spot about support… and Marvin continues to grab great sound bites in the diary room. They play a Luxury Game of pushing letter emblazoned balls through a tangle of bungee chords. It’s a big commercial for that ends with them spelling “internet” incorrectly. They get a porta-fire so they immediately set about burning Holly’s good luck cat on the grill… which, to Marvin’s endless glee, turns black. Then it’s time for the Veto game. They play “how ugly can we make people look by morphing their features together” and in a fit of evil irony… Adria wins, takes herself off and Nakomas slams her long lost, in-bred, chin-up-talking dork for a brother onto the block to keep him from voting to save a twin. And everybody knows what happens when you put up a pawn.

Fav Quotes
Nakomas, once again, demonstrating that she cannot separate Nathalie and Adria; “If THEY want to be A bad player…” This is basically the root of all their problems.

Drew, further ensuring that there will be no Diane Beaver in his Out Of The House future; “She just burrowed through like a rat!” when she zoooooms through the luxury challenge web thing…

And then Marvin turns into Marvin Sound Bite!
“I kinda liked everybody for a while there… and I hate these people!”
“we is drain bamaged…”
“Look at all those boxes… it’s like Christmas in rich peoples neighborhood.”
We burned her cat… turning it from a white cat to a black cat… hahahahaha!” (and his laugh at the end was freaking priceless!)
“Anything you mix Michael with … is just ugly!”

Most Memorable Moment
Well the shows in the “weak stage” with only the most rudimentary conflicts left to resolve… so I’d have to say that watching their mirth as they set Holly’s Cat on the grill to burn was damned memorable. In a close second, however, was watching Diane wither under the relentless pressure of the twins to get her to admit she was no longer a source of support.

Estrogen Is Your Friend
Diane you are fucking weak … and really quite annoying! Just admit that you are not going to support the twins… do you really think they can’t tell? She won a $1000 gift certif. at… and so long as they have an on-line pharmacy, this will come in handy.
Nakomas, for all her qualities, has a voice like a rock rolling around in a bucket of sand. She really likes to get into stuff… but suffers from the cliché failure of youth; just not seeing the big picture. She’s still trying to avenge Will… and um… hello? Will is at the Jury house… play your own game you little smack. Oh, and when she was playing the veto game… I distinctly heard her call Holly “Skanky”!! ar ar ar… :D
Karen, with the big hair and bigger earrings seems to think such bigness will distract attention away from her equally big ass. It’s probably great looking… but we never get a look, because we’re always looking at her big freaking hair.
And again… what did you do with my twins? They’re acting like gits but they still have the game.

Team Testosterone
I don’t know how much longer I can stand to watch Michael try to talk out of his chin.
Drew, true to form as the boy will always be somebody’s pet, helps out the rest of the players in the luxury competition.
And Marvin… he didn’t go up when Adria took herself off the block. So he’s one happy schmappy big boy. (anyone notice the significant head dents on this guy?)

So Nakomas, Nathalie and Michael can’t vote.
That leaves;
Marvin: votes for ?????
Adria: votes for Michael
Karen: votes for Nathalie
Diane: votes for Nathalie
Drew: votes for Michael??
Is it possible that Michael could go and both twins survive??? Wouldn’t that be fun. :D

The winner…
Honestly, I still think Adria is going to win.

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