Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ok... MPT*

9:54 and I'm just finished reading with geo...
We gotta start dragging them back down the clock a bit.
School starts on Sept 7.

Oh... [ :: check this out :: ]
It's a jar (not the coffee cup for size reference) that Z nabbed...
actually, she nabbed six of them...
and used the sand we brought back from three different beaches in PEI
to make a little colour sand layer thing.
Under the lid (but you can't see it very well in the picture), is a shell from cavendish.
They're little souvenir for some relatives. :D

BB tape is finishing and AR is about to start taping...
Should I watch AR or watch the tape later... decisions decisions...
3 minutes... no way we'll be ready.  Have to make fresh coffee...
Chat with an old army buddy,
Locate appropriate television watching snack...
no... gonna have to wait and watch the tape.


dum di dum...

* mindless post time.

NOTE: Horrible advance in banner geek at Merriam-Webster dictionary web!!
That's the sight that will "say" the words to you... [ :: hands down the best sound file for fuck in existence!! :: ] (I can't help laughing when I hear it... )
Anyways... if you go to their site and search on a word... then click to "hear" it... when you close the "talk" window,
the banner add on the main page kicks in and talks.. "hi I'm Cindy and I can show you how to get your College Diploma". UG!

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