Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

It's funny but I am almost always panicked by the process of running updates and changes on my linux server.
Not that I mind doing the updates... but the history is clear... when I'm calm, cool and collected... I usually muck something up.
So by default, I have programmed myself to slip into trigger mode when I'm messing with the server...

And all I was doing was updating awstats (
... and nothing seems to have gone wrong... (does a little dance).

Bed time is coming...
Dinner was great, and we finished the cheesecake. 
And for the record, cook cheesecake is good, but it does not compare (for my tastebuds) to the light fluffy yummy, melt in your mouth, cross yer legs, bob yer foot, curl yer toes goodness of the chill version.  So there...  (but I have noted the mentioned recipes... because I'm a bit of a glutton! :D)

The evening has mostly been about slacking off after getting the kids a'bed.

Oh oh!!! I saw about 4 minutes of sychro swimming (Olympics)... and I'm just say'en... Martin Short and totally and forever ruined that sport for me... hahahaha! :D

My folks are cruising around Alaska in a ship right now...
... I hope all is well and that you're getting loads of great pictures!!

ok... ni ni.
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