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Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Table Shrink Day 

Where in...the official wind down episode passes. There’s only eight house mats left and the editors play seventh-inning-stretch hoping for drama to take up the slack. It's pay back night and you can see the simmering tension in the conversations playing out as everybody fosters big ass hates for each other. The hags lost their fag, so that leaves Opie to had out kissing advice. eak!

Loser say what?
(aka “The WEEK in as few words as possible”)
Prozac Queen, Lady Di, decides to hang with the 80's pop queen Karen and the alternative culture wanna be Jennifer.  Can Drew find a friend anywhere? Nat and Adria each take a run at blowing smoke up Nakomas's ass and she just burps it back up in their faces... all ending with a vacuous hug. The twins get video time with their private grunt, chirp, beep language that apparently twins learn to speak with one another, then Team Hag (Karen, Nakomas, and Diane) discuss the Twins. Adria's "pinky swear" deal, on the heals of frying Mr. Pink, translates into Nakomas deciding Adria owes her the finger. I expect she'll hack it off in an unsuspecting moment. They play a game of "drink a sickening smoothie" for this weeks food rations, and it's a wrap except for Marvin’s failure to drink Lobster and beer purée.  Nak gets her Head Girl goodies and her darling boyfriend adorns a custom cd burn with a dead bleeding chicken.  She's all a twitter as Marvin contemplates a good long puke. Big Bro shrinks the table and Nak puts both the twins up for eviction.  The Twin-On-A-Rampage game is close at hand.

Fav Quote
Adria, does a pretty good "straight man" as she wonders with Nat about Will's parting karma crap "I don't know... maybe he meant Karma Electra? She can dance..."

And Nakomas, out for blood, "Adria owes me a finger...." bletch.

Most Memorable Moment
Forgetting - because it's in need of forgetting - the little dance Cowboy does when he's drinking his smoothie in the gross out food game... you gotta wonder Big Brother is pumping in there for air when you have Opie giving Idiot Boy Drew advice on kissing.  He breaches the subject and offers advice to Drew and expects feedback.  Personally, it sounded like he was out for whacking material, but whatever. That Drew has an ego over kissing style is no big surprise.

Estrogen Is Your Friend
Well now... gone is Mr. Safe from the household so the married chick is officially bummed.  Diane and Nakomas are also stressing about it like they're forgetting that every last one of them is going to get kicked out at one point or another.  I just love how people get all serious about this stuff in the house... hahaha... Erasing the Twins from the fabric of the universe seems to be Nakomas's only desire as she describes "currently burning fire...".

Team Testosterone
Cowboy, Drew and Marvin... what a team. A cornflake, a mannequin and huggy bear. Basically these guys are just window dressing for the war that is playing out with the dates. 

So Diane, Nakomas and Karen have their thing, Drew, Marvin and Cowboy have theirs. At some point somebody is going to realize they need one of those twins on their side.  I bet it's the boys.

The winner…
Adria... but that's only gonna happen if one of the twins wins vetto.

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