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Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Excuse me? But what the hell happened to Adria?

This should have been the episode where Adria brought her master plan into place to take over the house and capitalize on her secret alliances. In stark contrast, we have the nominee's out for her blood, no end in sight to Will's ability to be spiteful, and one big mad mutha black guy ... who maybe has had just about enough of Adria's booty for one summer. AND would somebody please tell me why Cowboy is still in this game?

Loser say what?
(aka “The WEEK in as few words as possible”)
So, Marvin and William-the-none-too-happy, are up for noms. Queen Adria has found the lord again and apparently he ripped her brain out and shoved it up her ass. The "old team" is all a bluster'en as they decide that Adria is the debbil because she didn't ask their permish to nominate Will and Marvy. It's "backlash day" in the Twin Zone and everybody seems to be gunning for Adria. Diane is keeping her head down... and not just inspecting Drew’s lack of pubic hair. We do get to watch her and the D-Boy play grade nine kissing games, but you just know she's soaking her panty liners by the truck load over this boy. They all play a dumb ass Veto Game and you can just feel the excitement as Will struggles to clap.  It's like a game of High / Low with chips and Drew gets a digital camera... no doubt to snap pics of his smooth testicles for Diane. Adria wins Veto and is set to do some real game but instead... goes completely insane and seems to spill all of her marbles in a bid to get everyone to tie the vote so she can cast the final die on Thursday. Marvin has a big ass hate on for everything twin related, so the producers toss 'em a bone with a luxury game to see a private screening of "Without A Paddle". Effrim (makers of M&Ms) sponsors the game… featuring a VAT of m&m’s, and we watch while Diane, Drew and Will win the honors.  I was totally waiting for Di and Will to tie up and rape Drew when they were all locked in the Ho! room together. Instead of casting her veto to save (i.e.) Marvin and then nominating Nat to sort the Jury House for her, Adria puts the veto away and we wait for continued torture on Thursday night as the game falls apart.

Fav Quote
Adria, as her brain continues melting; "you never know, I mean you know, you know?"

Marvin, wishing he had his boom stick! "Jesus told you to vote off the black guy and the gay dude? Get the hell outta here!"

And because we needed to know that Drew shaves his pubes, Diane comments: "I can't believe you shave everything... clean as a whistle!" Because, you know, with those teeth…

Most Memorable Moment
When the gloves come off, the game usually goes to shit. Marvin is all bent outta shape at being nom'ed again and, fueled by Will's monstrous ego, they engage in nasty talk about the twins outside the kitchen where the twins can hear them. Marvin comments "you hear me talking in there hillbilly girl?
Yeah... his gloves fell off as he picked up his boom stick.

Ok… so the six finger game that Nakomas played last week was beautiful. This week? It’s a wee bit less artistic.
Listening to Will call the Twins "Bitches" over and over is getting a bit weak so, please, evict Will.
I don't know what the plan is anymore, but I suspect there is more going on than meets the eye from out here in TV land.  Live-feed peeps must be able to tell... Is there an alliance between Adria, Nathalie, Diane and Drew? And when will someone put a bullet in Michaels head and be done with him?

The winner…
Let me just say... WHAT THE FUCK? I was really digging the idea that Adria had of putting Nat in the Jury House to manage opinion over there... but nooooooooooooo! She even had the Veto and could have been the "magic girl" but nooooooooooo! sheesh.

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