Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Happy Dump Hay... er... Wednesday, August 4.

Yuppers... my little guy got up with me today... now I'm at work and he's no doubt munching on dry cerial and watching a movie ... while the house sleeps. :D
He knows how to capture personal space...

It's one of those days out there... insanely perfect weather... blue sky... a morning chill in the air... and everything made of metal still has little wet drips of night trying to collect themselves and hide from the sun. My last glimpse of that day was walking into this place from the car... Now I'm swimming in fluorescent light and monitor radiance. I'd rather be fucking, in a sun beam.

(totally cool how a comma makes all the difference in the world)

~ blue ftls
~ dk green dress pants... this is where I want to say hunter green... but I don't actually know... although its a great girls name..
~ coolio patterned shirt with beige, black and green.
~ well... um... I mean, I have to present the process mapping stuff tomorrow, so that's all today is about really.
~ oh, and writing about Amazing Race at lunch.
~ tonight? Computer backups, against the possibility of break-in and theft, and packing stuff...
~ sorting out video camera stuff for the trip. :)
~ that things can spin into control for rose_queen... and happy demolitions sugar.
~ to send out some good vibes to my friend angry_amy
~ that darkbay gets to start every morning off this way... :D
~ for much better health to find it's way to maggie...
~ and several rapid succession type wishes in my heart for your well being giabean.

The radio talked a lot about the US Missile Defence system... the one Canada is buying into... they tried to present good and marginally objective opinion on both sides and I have a sneaky feeling it's going to be a much larger issue as time marches on. However, there was one point that is still rattling around in my head; exactly what pin head country is going to be dumb-ass enough to launch a missile strike against the US? We can already, and absolutely, positively identify the 5 square yards that any missile launched from, so launching against the Stars'n'Stripes is basically asking to have your country reupholstered in rock fragments. The threat, they point out, is more likely to come from the shipping that arrives in America, (only 5% of which is inspected) How many billions ($) on a marginally tested system that will create a false sense of security, against a non existent threat, that ignores real and present threats? Remember the Patriot Missiles streaking into the sky over Israel when the Iraqi scud missiles were an issue?

Have you ever heard of Six Sigma? It's the name of an operational process that seeks to provide "quality improvement" options to clients. It's how the airline industry evaluates itself... Why? Well the basic tenant of the Six Sigma model is that in some things, a .001% error rate (so, one-one hundredth of a percent) still translates into hundreds of airplanes and thousands of people falling out of the sky. So those systems need dramatic quality and near-zero error rates. Now just imagine how important that concept is in defending the country from inbound missiles. And the government is responsible for deploying it... that's the first big scare. The second is that it is just about freaking impossible to really approach near-zero error rates with this kind of thing. So when the time comes... I'm just saying... Missile Defence is a sink hole for money, a false prophet of safety, and the reason that millions of Americans will argue for many many years to come.


Ok... I gotta get down to it...
I hope that, where ever you are, you're letting someone love you.
It's really not much harder than that you know.
ps. start with me...
pps much love muchachos y muchachas.
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