Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday? Sez who? Feels like Sunday all over again! August 2

Holla... :D
As I type... I can hear Edward doing what I can only describe as rapp'en from the front hall as Suz puts sun block on him.  He's making up marginally rhyming couplets and stamping them out with a kind of pattern... "i will be, totally free... with out shaken ... you bin haten..." Although it only runs a few stanza's before he say's Poop... and then it all becomes something that includes bum and poop enough to get mom or dad to say "Edward...!!" then it's back to some kind of Opera.

Contrast this to - totally out of the blue - during dinner last night... Geo suddenly makes himself small at the table and looks up with pursed lips and a scrunch face to say "it's a little bit funny... this feeling inside...." imitating the Duke on Moulin Rouge... achieving a rather remarkable version of Richard Roxburgh for an eight year old.

Seems to be all about the music around here lately. :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue shorts...
~ old maroon GAP shirt... thank little sweat shop workers...
~ to go outside and cut the lawns... front, sides, and back... then - the good part - get the whipper snipper out! (I pretend it's a flame thrower...)
~ post the big honking "Club August" post that's been chewing away at available time... :D
~ that things stay in control for my long time friend wbahner... bridges that burn... stop everybody brother.
~ to let a few friends that wanted to know... know that our dear friend ly is well... she's just moving on and past lj for a while. It's all good.
~ I could make sense out of the "plethora" of pentium chips and compatible mother boards out there... I want to ID a decent MB with good 1394 support and a 3.x ghz processor... but I mean... there's a BILLION combinations out there... sheesh. (Oh, and honey, this is just me dreaming... I'm not about to start buying new parts... promise... :D :D)
~ that mrs angryvixen gets better fast... :(
~ to say that my friend angry_amy is in my thoughts and I hope things spin into control!! 
~ and BIG CONGRATULATIONS out to _sickchick ... she got married yesterday!! :D

Yeah... holiday days are basically work-like-mad days... and it's looking a wee bit like rain out there....
So I gotta git... I'll be back in a bit. :D
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