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Unbelievably freezing (we call'ed it "bazzing" in high school) outside today... bright sun and squeaky snow.
There's a fluffy looken squirrel crawling across my window sill.... :D
Now, let me steal a process from Krizsa (an unusually inspiring woman!!)

~jock support
~b.u.m. equipment boxers
~"blue ice" ice pack (ahhhh!)
~big comfy house coat
~really comfy brand spanking new sox
~wedding ring and my 1986 grad ring from college...

~old'ish coffee (gotta make new)

~that I ate a strawberry pop-tart an hour ago (really!!!)

~Dido "don't think of me" nice and loud (kids at day care, zebra at work)

~my friend laini would get some decent sleep

working on:
~my resume for the boss to submit on a new bid with the Bank of Canada...

Later lj...

ps. there is no spoon.

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