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Friday? FRIDAY!!! July 30... which hath 31 so it's almost done...

Lets sing the friday song.

Friday friday... oh happy day.
Friday friday... make everyone go away.
Dear friday you're my best day,
but somehow you forsake me
and pile shit up on my desk until I scream my head off...

Wait... that doesn't rhyme... ok... so I'm not going to the grammys.
They suck anyways (the Grammys)...

Grannies, on the other hand, do not suck.
Unless you frequent very unsavoury web sites.
In which case... I would rather you keep that to yourself.

Where was I?

~ blue ftls... currently the best fitting... comfy!
~ blue jeans... [ :: and what? well it is friday... :: ]
~ dk blue short sleeve button up b.u.m. shirt... :D
~ gah!!! well, "work like mad" is part of today... I just found out that monday is the summer "civic holiday" so, I've one less day to get finished than I thought.
~ write about BB maybe...
~ friday night? I'm thinking Pizza.!!!
~ to send a small "hello" out to miss suigenesis...
~ and to make some mad props for harleydog just because.
~ to fill a cup with wishes, hope and love and then slide it quietly over to catherine
~ that the weekend brings smiles and calm to the world of pageeater
~ that tomorrow (Saturday) manages to see some paperlessdoll sometime BEFORE 9:00 am. (hugs).
~ to brush a little warmth over wikkidpixie... suzanne-ahhhhh!
~ for the "busted hump" thing to get better... on sweet Heidi... er... darkbay

You know... I will never stop marvelling at how the heck some people come across my journal. I get comments from people that hold very tiny and tenuous threads of remote connection. Not that there's anything wrong with that... I mean, I toss comments to people I come across by total random clickage. It's just kinda cool that new voices find their way to my ears....

Hm... and... you know, there's a lot of people on my friends list with whom I share not one single other friend. Do you realize how significant that is? I'm not talking about non-posters or off the wall peeps or anything... active, interesting, and altogether likeable people. Sometimes, when I make little wishes naming names... I hold a small hope that you'll click into them and check them out... maybe find a connection... maybe not... but either way... it's all about building bridges. The pool of radiance that is the happiness I derive from Lj is often fed by the notion that people find friendships together through connections made here.

Ok... Today is Friday and I order you to go forth and bask in it!
Swim in your friday and splash around. Make yourself laugh at yourself.
Chances are someone will laugh along with you...
and that's a wonderful thing to give to them.
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