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gloria estefan - speechless. she looked great on the grammies... she kinda knocks my socks off...


I'm a total basket case tonight... a little edgy and somewhat uncomfortable...
(can't imagine why...)

I'm going to take tomorrow off and rest...catch up on lj friends...

The nature of lj seems to keep re-focusing for me...

I have friends that are people I cannot imagine living without.... you know who you are...
Others, I am completely keen to know what's going on in your lives... like the characters in a favourite book. Each day Lj writes another chapter in this living novel... Some of you come and go... and that's pretty cool too. Like "oh oh oh... so and so has posted again... hmmm I wonder what's been up with them"... like long lost friends that call out of the blue.

When I read that people are in pain because of being cut from someones list... it concerns me that they are sad but mostly it makes me sad that they have been hurt... it shouldn't hurt. It's an ebb and flo and people have to come and go... it's the natural way around here... I know for sure that if I cut someone from my list it's my problem and I just do it... no fan fare and no appologies... shucks, it my journal and i can only read so much... eh.

Did anybody watch heartbreak island tonight? out tape screwed up ... I kinda wanted to see somebody else be a looser for a while...

Tomorrow is Survivor and i'm kinda jazzed. You know, I really hope that scary-jerri doesn't get tossed... she's such fun to hate!!!

Anyways... it's time for sleeping... goodnight lj...

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