Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, July 27

It's a gray and icky cold day. brrrr... long sleeves and a cool breeze.
I'm glad we finished the deck... damn.

There's a sneaky little negative vibe running around out there...
not sure where it's from... well, I can understand for some people
but together we can banish it!!
Life is way way to precious and there is just sooo many things
to be thankful for. :D

~ black ftls
~ black kinda cargo pants...
~ dk blue p-z long sleeve... brrrr
~ mental gymnastics with Marval and mapping to processes ... all day
~ tonight??? THE AMAZING RACE is on tonight... don't forget!!
~ darkbay... enjoy the icky taste (and I'll leave it at that... haha)
~ sending some love to catherine.. just because.
~ that my friend jeremyb fights the good fight towards a better vibe.
~ congrats out to paleltlspider on the job
~ that ninneviane and the big hole that used to hold a wisdom tooth... feel better. :D
~ to send some thanks to japet0331 for a great run down of CoH!!

Some little cock sucking shit monster actually walked into our garage and stole Geoges bike.
I mean, it wasn't even that special. But it was his.
Pissed off.
I hauled out the bike that we were "handed down" for geo for next years growth spurt... and we'll get that working for him, but still... damn.
Nothing else was taken... and there's loads in our garage to take. This had to be a kid... and it had to be in broad daylight, when we were home, otherwise there'd be no access to the garage. I'll be doing the drive around tonight to look for it in the local parks.

On the radio this morning...
Heard that song "Picture" by Crow and Rock? whatever... The thing is ... the line "Been fuelling up on cocaine and cheep wine" had been edited to be "... been feruling up on ....... cheep wine." Um... I'm not really cool with that. They'll have a news cast every half hour and talk about that Canadian Journalist woman being beaten to death in Iran, or whatever pathetic and sick thing makes the AP wire but they can't say cocaine in a song?

Alright. today needs to get going.
where ever you are... whatever you're doing...
Play nice and be kind... things could be so much worse.
... and luckily, they're not. :D

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