Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

at last...

And we're done!

The process can been seen (of course) in an animated gif;
[ :: 575k Animated gif :: ]
[ :: 250k Animated gif :: ]

What was only recently looking basically like...

Now looks like...

(It needs to finish drying... and I expect that the "tint" will even out.)

[ :: here is the link to the post about sanding the deck :: ]

Here are a couple of nice pics of the friggen posts,
(arggg... get to every square inch of your deck... paint it.)
[ :: The front rail before... :: ]
[ :: The front rail after!! :: ]

We got about 85 % done before we were certain we were going to run out of stain so we had to hightail it to the store... a specific store... to get the specific stain... (d'uh). So we finished up after dinner. An afternoon well spent!
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