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Big Brother 5 Update!!

Big Brother 5 Update!!

Steak... The other Red Meat

Where-in... we have to watch the pretty people being... well pretty but remarkably dumb. Lies get ready to bite the liars and Adria works her magic. They struggle for food, and despite Scotts useless mind, they manage to get some grub. Now it’s all about nominating people and poor little Drew is being set upon by the non-stop-voices of his bandana wearing manipulators.

Loser say what?
(aka "The WEEK in as few words as possible")
Jase sheds a crocodile tear for Lori, and Karen bites her nails. The 4Hclub wants to make Drew use group-think for the Noms (translation: do what we say), but he’s all about having a brain... good boy. Marvin thinks he’s in like flint with Drew, but his flint is running a bit short and Adria convinces Drew to not put her up as a decoy. Everybody jumps in soup to get food... which works fine however nobody can really get over just how ass backwards dumb like roadkill Scott is. Now mix up being that dumb with the level of lying he’s engaged in and it’s a lovely recipe for a big surprise when he gets his ass kicked out. Jase, Scott and Holly lament the sad life they have being such beautiful people, everybody in the home audience cleans up barf from the coffee table. Then we zoom in for the nomination ceremony. Drew leaves dry rot in Jase and Scotts mouth when he nominates Holly and Nakomas. Again... good boy.

Fav Quotes
"It was like... Jock Fest 2004 man!"... k, and the "man" part totally made Karen look and sound like a stoner. :D

"I work security ... like 6 – 7 days a week to take care of my family..." After taking a drubbing by Marvin et. al. on his links to oil field income, Michael gets indignant and hurt about his bruised ego... and dude... you’re a security guard. Why don’t you scare him away with that big hat of yours. I cannot – even a little – get past what a totally moronic, following, little weasly wanker that Cowboy Opie is.

Jase: "Being good looking is a curse..." Oh PUKE.
Holly: "Yeah, I know... I mean, if I had different hair colour when I came in here..."
Scott, Jase and Holly are lamenting the woes of being such beautiful people and how terrible it is to be so pre-judged by the unpretty masses. Sux to be you huh. Dudes, if egos were eggos this place would be fucking international house of Waffles.

"The look on Holly’s face...
The look on Jase’s face...
The look on Scott’s face...
Was enough to make me want to fall on the floor laughing."
Nakomas finds her voice after getting nom’d and she is soooo right on!! The Pretty People had some serious long faces bwahahaha...

Most Memorable Moment
Drew does the nomination zone... and, of course, has to make the little "pre amble" and "post nom" speeches. His speech to Holly goes on and on about how she’s the big "persuader" in the house and that she is a threat... And all the while... she’s just blank. It’s like every neuron in her head... all seventeen of them, are focusing on this and trying to understand... and not one word computes. She’s absolutely clueless.

Estrogen Is Your Friend
Poor Holly... she really seems to be just dodding along in her own little world.
She may be a rocket scientist or something but it’s that’s not coming through... especially when she inflicts that voice on us in the diary room. She does, however, have a strong affection for good solid poop, and she’s none to pleased when the food game does not yield enough roughage. :D
Nicomas is playing down her Mohawk... perhaps CBS does not think America is ready to like a girl with stand-up hair... and I think they’re wrong. But when she gets nominated... she’s all accepting in that she got to watch Jase and Scott suffer. :D Go you!

Team Testosterone
Marvin is just not in the game with the boys. He seems to think he has a "tight ass" alliance with Drew ... like a big secret deal... but, alas, this is an alliance in his mind only. Drew gets his special crap (HoH room) and it’s all chicken soup and apple pie... much to Marvin’s chagrin. "he looks like a mammas boy to me!". :D hahaha... They settle down after and it’s time to get on with it. "IT" in this case is driving Drew completely nuts over the nomination deal. They all put the screws to Drew and when he ends up in Adria’s face telling her he’s thinking it’s her and Marvin... she pulls out all the stops and tells him that she would never put him up... blah blah blah... She owns Drew. He demurs ... and in fact, totally bags the 4Hclub by putting Holly and Nakomas up for eviction.

Somebody please catch Scott in some kind of a logic puzzle connecting the dots of his insanity. He lies like a rug about making big bucks on the football field and driving a big black escalade. Hell, he even lied about it being his birthday. Now how he figures telling everyone he makes $750,000 a year is going to help him win but this is his thought so... go figure. This is the guy that struggles in the food game to get the letters to spell "steak" right after BillyBob gets Beef... and then he goes on to try and spell cheese. C*H*E*E*S*S*E. You poor man... but dear god would someone please burst your bubble.

Well Drew can’t vote (HoH) so that leaves Scott, his Stetson Butt Plug and Jase to vote as a block. But that’s against Will, Diane, Karen, and Nicomas. They are a lock and the boys will not get their way...weeeeeee...

The winner...
If somebody wins veto and uses it... I’m afraid of Adria going up... gah!!!
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