Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Deck Sanding... 101.

(this is kind of a "before" shot) :D

Alrighti then... I can't think of a single part of my body that wont be sore tomorrow.

Today included finally locating a deck sander to rent but having to drive half way across town to get it...
... and then drive it back again when I was done.
The bleeding thing weighs ... well, actually it weighs 130 lbs... but it's an evil shape and I'm not what you'd be likely to call a heavy lifter. :D

The big deck sander, a small hand sander, and several sheets of sand paper later...
The deck is all prepped.
Here is an animated gif of the process... :D

[ :: larger file size :: ]

(and a slightly smaller version for people on the slownet.

[ :: smaller file size :: ]

A word of advice... Sand Paper is easily the least expensive element in the whole affair of sanding anything big...
Use plenty... change sand paper on the sander often (kinda gives you little breaks :D).

Alas, the day ran away with itself and we've found ourselfs without any weekend left... and all the Cetol in the cans still.
I am hoping to take tomorrow afternoon off work to come home and get that part done with Suz.

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