Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

k.. so after setting the VCR (BB from 8 - 9)...
after dinner...
after Geo's soccer practise...
after making coffee...
It's off to Wally Land to get stuff from a list for Suz, a watch strap ...
and some new shirts.
I'm puttering around forever in the zone diggen through summer stock and trying shit on left and right...
And I get my basket of goodies.
Off I go to pay... 
Money? nope... left it in the car.
Ok... go get it.
Come back... get my stuff and get in line...
:::::: total darkness ::::::

And the the generators keep the cash regies going for 30 mins...
So I get through. :D
Then when I'm in the press of Just-Left-The-Cinema traffic...
Blink.... power comes back on... the shopping zone bursts awake.
So it's off to starbucks for a bag of coffee.
Dude wasn't sure if my transaction when through
(CC - didn't have my bank card on me)
So he said "just take it, and if it didn't go through... lucky you."

Then I look at my watch.
And I ask myself... when did the power go off?

Home... and miracle of miracles... power went out at 8:59.

So we watch BB... and at 8:55, the Satellite goes out for exactly
the length of time it takes to run the HoH competition on BB.

lol... good thing I'm not trying to make a living in a casino yo. :D
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