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Daddy... my tummy hurts..

Wow... so, about an hour ago George was a screaming 103 degrees... some tempra, a 'tepid' clothe and some stories... he's sleeping at about 100 ... he's all sweaty now so I think it broke.
Before all the fever started... George wanted to talk to my friends so he left a note for my friend across the ocean that's try'en soooo very hard to get well and come back to her boi in cali... So lainni, click this to hear from george... if you have a sound card!!! I hope you do.
Edward has been completely enamored with everything in the shape of a triangle... I think I've talked about this before... but ever since we watched the Wizard of Oz ... everything that is remotely triangular is a "witches hat"... We come in from playing in the snow... get out of our snow pants and boots and ... oops ... we left a little crooked line of snow from a boot tread... "MOMMY... DADDY... LOOK..." We come running... "look,... it's a witches hat!!" You have just GOT TO HEAR him say this... it's so dam cute. Listen.
So, it's time to give the friend zone a quick review... later lj.
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