Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

tick tick tick... boom. :D

I have nachos... and I am content. :D

Team Time Bomb has popped a couple of corks!!

sirenity lives in Hawaii... she and her husband welcomed little Sophia into their world on the 10th.
I have very little info on Sophia but I do know that all are healthy and happy. Her post is [ :: here :: ] (what more could I ask for!! :D) I await pictures with baited breath... :)

serpah has posted [ :: here :: ] about the birth of his son, Callum James, 7lb 3oz.  His brand new mommy of a wife (Michelle) is doing well and YOU GOTTA go to his post to see the pictures... what a beautiful baby!!

Imagine how much has changed in the world around us in the time it has taken for us to go from wee tiny announcements to friends and family to the people we are today.  Then imagine how much the world will change by the time these tiny snookies are all grow'ed up.  It reminds me how much we are only stewards and that we should take great care. :D

Congratulations to you both, and the very best of wishes for your new babies... :D

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