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No seriously... we were making all these rediculous faces and ended up laughing so much that the laughing pic stuck... :D

Well ... the weather gits are calling for thunderstorms today... of course it's beautiful, sunny, and generally lovely out right now. :D
Seriously... how can anyone be a weatherman on public media and not be drunk all the time... "everybody hates me... nobody believes me... hell, I don't even believe me... "

Up this morning at a better time than usual... and there was Geo bopping off to make coffee... :D (I could get used to this kinda pampering)
Heck... even Edward woke up before I left and he had a big ol hug for dad on the way out the door. (he's kind of a hands off guy most of the time).

oh, and just say'en... my journal. mine.
really, don't hang out here if it's sooooo distasteful. hmmm...

~ blue ftls
~ black jeans
~ dk blue and white stripped tommy dress shirt...
~ ok... to actually read some of the marval install guide this time... :D
~ write about TAR (the amazing race) at lunch...
~ keep on working the marval thing into a frenzy...
~ watch BB5 tonight...
~ to plant a big smoochy kiss on keefriffards for giving me a morning smile... er... ok so I don't kiss him... 'cause that would be all gay and stuff... and I don't want to be called "True Corto" or anything...
~ that the good vibe hiding inside knightsdawn finds the light soon... :D
~ to send an almost endless stream of hope and wishes to a certain little Tess... just because...
~ that the Dink would get some sleep before she gets too loopy... er... that would be dinkydo (who's name always starts out as kinkydo until I fix it).

And, because I'm so cool...
I think I'll wax a little phophetic today;

If an angry white chick falls off a stool in a fish and chips shop
do any of the other patrons poke her with their umbrellas?
or do they just laugh and point...
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