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Tuesday, July 13...

Yeah... woke up on time... made smoke come out of the clock radio and went back to bed... bad corto...
Geo hears me wake up... "Dad? Are you late for work?... 'cause the first thing you said today was "oh no!". :D
He made the coffee and was mr. super helpful guy as I went from 8:43 to shower, shave, dress, make lunch, snap picture and fly away.
Office by 9:30... geezus... I gotta turn this around. :D

It's a weird day... the sky is cold steel... but the air is a thick warm blanket of ick. There is weather coming... and I wish I was at home ready to chase the wind with my big honking kite when the weather gets closer.

I zoomed to a park last night, well "evening", with the boys... a frisby and the kite... EVERY field in Kanata is dominated by Soccer Madness till 7:00 or 8:00 depending on the age bracket that's playing. As the field emptied we tried to steal some wind and stash it inside our kite but ... there wasn't enough to go around. So we dashed about playing frisby and I was well reminded of how unbelievably lucky I am to have these boys in my life... :D :D :D

~ green ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ dark green... no really... so dark, we're talking black... button up shirt
~ hush puppies... 'cause they make ma feet feel hugged... bwaahahaha
~ "can you put these edits into the web sites... yeah, the internal and the external" dum di dum...
~ have to install "Marval" (msm) today... testing testing... anybody out there use marval for IT Service Management?
~ AMAZING RACE IS ON TONIGHT (as is Big Big Brother)
~ for the weather to play ball with landmark... doing the wedding bell game
~ aint no booger like the booger you know... ladyfire
~ congrats too princessblondie and her B man... on the new digs... (exciting!!!)
~ just sending some good vibes out to my friend wikkidpixie

Do you know dw_photoprojekt!! Go check out his new web site... he's working a photography site and it's worth a check-out!! :D
It's or you can click [ :: here :: ]

Pain fades... pleasure lingers.
Let me explain...
I can describe a migraine headache...
but only because I remember describing one while I had it...
not because I can remember the pain.
Pain is not a sensation you remember... only an event you can recall.
Mothers have second babies... and you know that's because pain is something that fades away.
Pleasure, on the other hand... is something that lives within you.
Dancing around my living room with my new baby in my arms... feeling every light in heaven glowing under my skin.
I close my eyes and let my mind open a door and I can remember the nuances of pure pleasure that has visited my world.
Goosebumps crawl across my arms and along my shoulders as I recall shuddering goodness from some moment in the past.

Pain fades... but pleasure can live and breath within you for days without number.
Remember that... when you face the choices that life has a habit of stuffing between you and where you want to be.
You can take it.
Don't be afraid.
The pain will fade...

K... gotta go.
Have a great day muchachos y muchachas...
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