Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday monday... July 12

a very average morning...
~ and you need those ...

Although waking up at 8:30 doesn't really help... and making it to work by 9:30 is a trick.
Sad eh... that this becomes "average"... lol...

// WTF
So it's monday... on friday I read that "On Monday, President Bush will introduce a bill to amend the constitution in such a way as to forever end debate and end the notion of same sex marriages."
Please correct me if I'm wrong on this... because it's just too fucking much.
What a horrible thing to do...
American should be ashamed of itself.
There is no excuse...
There are men and women in the history of the world that rose to the challenges of their day. They put the love they had for power, the strength they drew from endless resources aside... to take stands and bring real progress to their times.
Your shrubbery is never going to be remembered in this way.
I am sickened by the shortsightedness of this obvious blow job that the office of the president is giving to the vocal, wealthy and obviously organized minority.
By simply putting that effort forward, the office of the president is stained.

~ blue ftls
~ black kinda cargo... sorta khaki...
~ red p-z golf shirt... and yes, I know, I need some new clothes...
~ well, friday included a day killing presentation so today is all about getting caught up.
~ finish external web site...
~ start sorting out hosting issues with the parent company...
~ tonight? Maybe watch that Ed Wood movie. :D
~ I had access to the BB5 live feeds... but alas... earwax...
~ for a better night of sleep to find shann...
~ that I could go to SA and bring my family to see Nola and her world... and I hope all that heavy heartbeat action from yesterday calms down today sweet Nola.
~ that Miss Vang... (lizvang) gets what she needs... :D

I wanted to express my deepest and heartfelt sympathies to a good and true friend... Dear teasdale... may your family find the strength and may your heart find the memories... and may your dear sister rest in piece.
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