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Ok... so I'm shoot'en it with coworker guys after a two hour presentation...
which usually gets everyone a little heady... you know... when you wake up again. :D
Any ways... one of them mentioned having seen info on the "Real Doll" things and how freaking whack they are...

We start talking about the whole "Star Trek" Commander Data thing... and the future of robotics...
... and an episode of "The Outer Limits" (Sci Fi TV show thing... "different story every week" kinda thing)
... I'm trying to describe the episode;
Just like those people that start telephone calls in the middle
of a conversation, the show usually opens in the middle of a plot
line and you are drawn into it trying to figure out what's going on...
This one starts with the dodgy character working in some kind of
home office thing. He looks pretty sleazy and un-kempt (is that a word?)
and then in comes his uber gorgeous hot-stuff woman...
she's way out there with the space babe outfit and anime babe body.
Turns out she's a "girl friend BOT" and this dude is working on a remote
orbiting space station... Any ways... the story line includes her turning
into horrific evil woman BOT..."

and co-worker dude, without missing a beat, comes back with...

"Oh... they got married?"

bwaahahahaha... I about swallowed my tongue trying to not choke laughing...

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