Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

It's all about Tuesday, July 6.

Hiya... man... I got off to slow start today... woke up... beat the shit out of the alarm clock... er.. ok, I just pushed the little button... but I was all aggressive about it... ok? Then I got back in bed... laying in a sunbeam and watched the rest of my little family lay'en there with their collected tummy's bathed in the same sunbeam.... The covers work their way down and get all twisted... Edward sneaks in to Z's side of the bed...and absolutely hates covers... and Geo is like a fixture on my side of the bed in the morning... and the three of them were all getting hot tummies in the sun as they slept... I wanted to stay put. So I did... er... well I got up at 8:20 but still... :D

I left the house with a couple of printed posters for my moms art show to zoom over to her house... but my last image of the house was a peek into the bedroom... I was gonna go smooch my peeps goodbye but I didn't want to wake them... the sun beam was crawling up their chests and they'd all wake up when the light hit their faces... so I left 'em be. :D

It's a beautiful day in the world around me... I wish I could send it to you. You'd like it. Then we could all fuck off from work and hang out on a patio and eat fattening foods. !! :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk green dress pants
~ pale (which was "pail" for a minute there) green shirt with the funk-adelic zipper on the shoulder thing...
~ knuckle under (bwaahahahahaa... *cough* ... hack hack hack ... ggggah! er... what? oh yeah... knuckle under with the web site project...
~ WATCH AMAZING RACE TONIGHT... and maybe watch a little of the car big brother... (haven't watched actual TV in freaking weeks... )
~ that todays art show goes great for my lovely mom... :D
~ for the glove that arlyn threw down ... to be totally worth it...
~ that aprilfool29 feels bedda...
~ there was some really useful bit of advice for sweet mscantbwrong on that mom deal... but if she's not in the game... she's not in the game baby... hugs...
~ to just mention meres... because... er... do I need a reason?
~ that the great vibe in the world of ratonil sticks... er... ok... get's sticky... whatever... go you brotha...
~ for the poopy diaper zone to give sweet'n'sleepy heatherbell a wee break...

// mini rant

So hundreds of thousands in make shift refugee camps... disease, hunger and rampant death... systematic and organized demoralizing rape pervading the villages... meaningless cease fire agreements... children hacked by marauding soldiers... This is Sudan... TODAY. But they don't have enough Oil... so there will be no rescue mission mounted for their pitiful population.

Meanwhile... the new Iraqi government is busy taking nominal power and the US is busy pretending to pull out ... Because the long term goal is getting closer. That would be "returning a better Iraq to the people of that country" ... so they can start fucking blowing each other up and oppressively target groups based on their religious beliefs for mass murder... and, of course, so a select few billionaires can get a lot richer by exporting every penny the country can put together. Do you really think those American soldiers died for any kind of lasting change? This is the middle fucking east people... Don't freaking hold your breath for a Summer Olympics in baghdad.

// k... sorry ... had to get that out. :D
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