Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

counting spoons.

I often read, in comments from friends, suggestions that I read such-and-such web site... or hear of their surprise that I don't already read dub-dub-dub.something-or-other...

... and I check those places out...
I usually book mark them...
and then I sit back and wonder...
where the hell do people get the time to read all this stuff.

I know... pot... kettle... and something about black.

However... between being a husband... a father... a son... a friend ... a contract-killer-like-computer-geek (for various in-laws) and an employee (gotta bring home the bacon baybee)... there really is only a very limited amount of time in my weeks. 

I am swimming madly against the tide here but there is nothing for it but to fall back on the SPOON THEORY.

I am humbled by how moving that story is as it relates to illness... and I am almost ashamed to re-use it for something as mundane as how one divides up available hours.  However... as I said... the tide draws me ever closer to that use of the spoon theory.

I put quite a few spoons into  Lj... reading, commenting, thinking about what to say and writing my own crap...
and to be able to do that is a great joy in my life. 

But when I get past all the Must Have spoons in my days... and I'm at the clearly "random spoon" moments... well... there just aren't that many of those... and having good advice on where to look or what to read... helps.

So... all of this is a long winded (and do I employ any other method of communicating?) way of saying a big heart felt THANK YOU for drawing to my attention the information that helps me understand better the things I rant and rave about.  I am often wrong in my understand of things and I appreciate being shown the right of it.

You ... well... many of you... do a fine job of helping me make good use of my available spoons.

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