Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday... July 2.

Dragged out of dreamland... job one is to make blueberry / carrot muffins ... easily done when you are out of eggs... it's the oatmeal muffins that you can't make without eggs!

~ sloth like attire... :D
~ black ftls...
~ pj pants [ :: so comfortable I could scream :: ]
~ and a black hoodie.
~ well... to find a kite string.... and pray for wind.
~ go buy a door knob... and no, that doesn't mean I want my own private Dubbya... I gotta replace a broken knob man...
~ and eggs... gotta go and buy eggs.
~ i'm thinking pizza and a movie... we haven't seen shrek 2 yet... or maybe the kids want to see F911 hahaha... ok ok kidding...
~ for angry_amy to get what she needs...
~ and the same goes for shann... :D
~ for the mumps to leave Zak alone and let ninneviane sort out her day...
~ to send many happy thoughts of things like "wow... go you guys" to pixiecup and her main squeeze...  yes you Nate...
~ and for resolutions to find their way into the subconscious of stephaniekaye...

Your life is a play...
One of those "adapted from a short story" plays.
It takes on emotion and depth as it draws into it's second half,
Leaving the folly of youth for the first couple of acts.
But now that the audience has had an intermission
And the players have changed their costumes...
It's time to get the message out and inspire.
Even if the you are the only one watching.
Don't play a bit part in your own show.
Move towards center stage...
You deserve to give yourself your very best performance.

ok ok... I gotta git... the shower is screaming at me... "come to me... come and de-fuzz thyself..."

:) later skaters...
(which reminds me... I need to write to kathleen and see how the world of daikan is shaping up... )
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