Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

A moon... low on the horizon and big like it's gonna roll over you at any moment.

me: "hold your arm out... and stick up your thumb... "
both kids: "like this?"
me: "yup... now cover the moon with your thumb.... see how it just covers it? ok, now we'll do that again when it's up a lot higher and doesn't look half as big as it does over there... and you'll see... it'll be the same size."

The fireworks were a blast... The "kanata fireworks" did not happen this year... sponsorship issues.. so we went to the next massive village... and it was great.  They all park in spot "a" and watch fireworks across the road in spot "b". So it's  a big tail-gate party.  :D

We set off our own - surprisingly fabulous - cheepo fireworks in a park on the way home... peels of laughter and screams of ohhhh! ahhhhh...

Today... so called "sloth day"  has been fun. but I didn't get any of my pirate thing done... maybe tomorrow.

guess what tomorrow is...

Sloth day two! I'm booked off work tomorrow and then it's the weekend.

*sigh* :D

Okidoki... time for bed. See ya tomorrow.

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