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and so it starts again.

It is pritty dam hard to walk away from two teeny little bits o'kid that are stretched out on the floor (under one of those cute lil'kid douves) watching 'noddy' (kiddy TV) on the bedroom tv, while Zebra catches a few extra z's under a king size full-size-people douve - all in a room that still has the night shivers and sun beams pouring in that are sure to dispel everything night left behind... and get on a bus to go to work.

I'm keeping my fingers xrossed big - BIG - time that the week shapes up as well as the last one. I'm on the sched to get my first employee review (I started with this new company last Feb) this week. So - see'en as I'm such a smarty pants (hahahahaha) I'm hoping for a good news review.

Job One for this week... pick a good song and convince my biological system that it is under attack through the ear canals... (ear wax be dammed).

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