Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ok... bedtime.

I was thinking ... wouldn't it be cool if they made plastic looking "ken hair"... you know... like the hair on a Ken doll. 
It would have the little lines in it and everything... and I could clip it on to my head and it would be like... the ultimate "piece".
I'm talking wearing it... all the time... like at work and stuff... Of course it would have to be some space age material that breaths but still maintains that lovely plastic sheen.

oh... and you could have different colours... well... different "life like colours"... black, brown, blonde...

I mean... forget about hair loss baby... "go for the Ken look"
no wind damage...
no "product"...
no flakes...
(not counting yourself but forget about that part)

hell... imagine how easy it would be to clean...
I bet even ball point pen would come out.

It could go "fad" status... 'cause the girls are gonna love it...
and then all these branded versions come into the market.

But you'd have to stay true to that "small 1960s-70s plastic head on a ken doll" look.
(Jude Law in that movie AI)

Look fresh... Look well groomed... Look smart... Look'KEN!

Ok... I'm over it.
but still...


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