Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday... June 27.

This is coffee... strong stuff....

So yesterday was a red letter day in the world of me.
No reason stands out on it's own... but I just had a fabulous day.
We went to bed at a STOOOOOPIC hour on friday night... and the boys had me up at  9:00 ... so I put food in front of 'em and went back to bed! hahaha... regardless... we were up again and made a huge day of accomplishment out of it.

We primed the basement wall - The "wall project" is drawing to a close!!! today we paint it blue. 
We all ran errands and enjoyed a really great day.
oh... and we watched "50 First Dates" last night... shit... what a sweet movie... I mean, there was some dialogue and cut scenes that seemed like "wtf was that?" but who cares... it left me all schmoopy and happy.
Bed was at another unholy hour but we earned it... :)

My kids are happy...
my wife is lovely and loves me...
I'm healthy and haven't had a headache for days... 
my heart is beating and reminding me every moment of how fortunate I am.
Oh... and the sun is busy busy busy today...
It's a beautiful day.

~ pj pants and a very old sweat shirt...
~ a layer of sleep that is bunching up in all my corners...
~ oh... shower...!!!
~ actual clothes...
~ painting the wall blue...
~ sewing more of the kite...
~ seeing a girl about a horse...
~ going to a birthday party for two of my nieces...
~ and smiling... lots of smiling...
~ that kimberly27616 has a great time on her Myrtle Beach trip... :D
~ and that megan... the globe trotting "fancy pants" girl... continues to have such a great time!!
~ for a little comfort to come to cynica...
~ and for nothing but good to drip all over sweet Shann (ectv) and the men in her life... including sweet and snuggly look'en little baby Corran. :D

Question: A friend has had hotmail, yahoo and gmail accounts taken over by someone who used spyware to grab the passwords... Does anyone know how you go about reporting abuse and stuff to get those accounts back? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Tomorrow is Federal election day in Canada.
Liberals get more support than they expected in Quebec (my wishful thinking that the "bloc" does poorly...)
Conservative Party wins enough seats to form a minority gov., with the Liberals close behind.
NDP... piss everyone off.
And I remind myself that they (federal parties) are all the same... given power, they use it to return to "Centerest Politics" to ensure they get re-elected.  Hence, my belief that the best politicians will be the ones that have no interest in a second term... but you know... the power of power to make ya want power... it's um... powerful.

Ok... my day is calling me... and so are the boys. (neopet questions abound) :D
Gotta go.

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