Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

and the night draws to a close...

Bedtime wishes...

~ congratulations to my friend, roaring_woman. Lucinda had her baby on the 21st.
Little Zachary starting live at 7 lbs and 2 tiny little ozs.

~ Congratulations Kristy...
I got a card (as did a few of you) from kristylicious... aka kristylicious... aka one of the sweetest women I've ever come to know... 
It has a picture of her, her little man Zack and her soon to be hubby, Ron, on the front and a message of great happiness on the other.  I absolutely could care less how mushy it is to say, but my heart melts to see something as grand as what's up with kristy. 

Next up?
computer free saturday.
The boys and I will be painting primer on the wall in the basement... cleaning... and laze'en about (hard core sarcasm there).
Saturdays are so busy in our house it's goofy.
Must think of a movie to rent for tomorrow night. :D

Have a great saturday.
See ya sunday.

ni ni ...

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