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well, I woke up to attend to a scream'en Ed and look! here I am. I actually just read all may friends back to when I left ya... I guess I should toddle off to bed... but I get to sleep in tomorrow so, ha! no rush.

so can I tell ya... having baby-butt smooth nuts (etc.) kinda rawks... hehehe! I'm feeling dead sexxa!

a couple of late night bed time wishes... k?

My goofy friend miss wiz bang (liz vang) should stop apologizing... you have every right sugar to expect more. You better believe that a friendship worth having is a 50/50 deal. and as for "telling you exactly what they are feeling" ... I'm feeling like you have an adorable right boobie, your glasses frames are very cool, and every single one of the lj head shots you have (specially the lips and stud) make me wild. You and that bottom lip should just come over hear and have a seat... the doctor will be with you shortly ... grrrrrrowwwwwllllllll...
(I know, what a goof... but if you want your friends to be honest... :D)

I'm super happy about some good vibes that tickled my special friend mauracelt. every time you have a good vibe crawl through you, I get tingles on my spine and a smile creeps across my face... I'm guessing we've got a psychic link... {{{ hugz }}}

and lastly, before I scoot back to bed... my friend capricious (cappri) seems to have become mrs... Don't bother coming down from the "I'm married high" ... milk it for all it's worth. You deserve that... I sooo hope you will post links to pictures... I would love to see some of the images you would have captured... you have a brilliant eye and a body flooded with talents... Congratulations... May peace and harmony will be your love slaves. :D

g'night (again).

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