Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Google Mail

I don't get it.

I keep reading about concerns, let alone panic attacks over Google Mail being the debbil.

All I have read, in following the links, is that the search giant, google, who is providing this free email service will be running automated scans that match keywords in our email against advertisements that get pumped into the web pages google serves to you.  Sorta like they do now with every search term you ever use on google (which is matched to the google cookie on your computer)

Seeing advertisements is unavoidable... and the fact that they will be for things I may be interested in beats the crap outta seeing endless advertisements for Stay Free Maxi Pads on television.

Concerns that the government can request google "give it up" if they ask nicely for your private email seem a bit rich... considering that the government can ask for email with the courts blessing any time they want.  Of course google will give it up...

But I ask you... who freaking cares?

I have sent myself an email (using google) that contains the following text;
Bin Laden
Atomic Bombs
Arab Government
Iraqi Oil
Kiddy Porn
World Trade Centre

Click the image above to see a screener of the actual email after I received it from myself.

Now... busy google search engines are ... what? Deciding to market Bombs to me?
Or maybe the government is taking note and they will soon swoop down and.... what?

People... we're a bunch of web bloggers and goobers playing on the net...
Do you really think they give a crap about your email messages?

And just... you know... as a "by the way" kinda thing... what makes you think Yahoo and Hotmail don't have some spin on their implantations of FREE WEB EMAIL that does essentially the same thing.

If there is a real actual terrifying issue about using google or any other web based mail service...
I'd like to know what it is...

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