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it's all about Friday man... June 18

Radio announcers that go on and on about how freaking hot it's going to be today... really need to stub their toes or sumthin.

I've really totally abandoned the whole birthday thing for a while ... it was kinda driving me bonkers trying to keep up.

That being said... let me please break my own horrible'ness (ignoring birthdays) and wish the very best of birthday wishes to dear ly
Feliz Cumpleaños lil'mommy... I do hope you, Cris and little Mariana have a great day... and a wonderful year ahead.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: and I got the cheese to prove it... :: ]
~ red p-z golf shirt...
~ mad rush to do... more ... of ... the ... same ... groan...
~ it's friday, so typically someone will show up any minute now and dump a shit load of work on my desk.
~ I'm thinking maybe I'm NOT going to spend the night with drywall tape and mud...
~ to shoot a few good vibes out to macdatty... just 'cuz...
~ I could reconcile some negative stuff on my friends pages but I can't... so (begin ominous german accent) I vil av to take dezziciff akshun.
~ for hangover relief to find my little croooooner girl... nordicgrrl ... :D
~ to point out to angry_amy that "svelt" is a compliment... I'm sure he was rather taken with you...
~ that giabean finds a car seat... :(
~ that you all zing over to jgurney's journal to see the lightening pictures [ :: HERE !!! :: ]
~ and for today to be "stellar" for webdiva ...

Listening to the election news this morning... I was moved to think that for the first time it sounds a lot like there is a serious rout in store for the liberals.
Scary prospect... but in the end... it's all a bunch of crap and promises made to be broken. Politics is a sad, and pathetic business.
I wish a candidate would stand up and say... "I have no intention of being re-elected... elect me so I can clean a little of this shit up and boggle the lot of you by being honest."
Sadly... this would never actually work. People don't want the truth... I mean... look at Quebec... they're going to elect buckets full of Bloc candidates.

Oh ... and speaking of "The Bloc".

What the fucking hell!!! Where does PSAC - the union that represents federal public employees in Canada - get off?
They are actually endorsing Bloc candidates...
How totally fucked up is that?
If I was still a public servant... I would be more than a little pissed off at those idiots!!!
The stated purpose of the Bloc Quebecois Federal Party is to BREAK UP THE FUCKING COUNTRY.
I mean... put the freaking leaders of that party in jail ... not in parliament.!!!
//ok done.
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