Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday... June 17

It's a wee bit gray out there today...
It wants to be sunny... I just know it...
but there are high flying rippling clouds getting in the way.

We (Suz and I) need to come up with a new plan for the bedtime zone in our house... er.. for the kids.. not for us... although... ok, no, that's a completely other topic.
Our best intentions of "bed on time" still land us with kids awake at 10:00 (albeit in their beds) and cranky or groggy every morning.
I'm going to try something new tonight... and no, it doesn't involve a staple gun. :D hahaha...

~ red stripee ftls
~ beige dockers... but man... they shrunk... er...
~ black Capezio t shirt - which was part of an elf costume until mere days ago...
~ gray silk don't-tuck-me-in shirt... layers baby... and (off it comes) it's a wee bit warm now
~ on chewing a little crow - unless gmail comes back !! (it's dead as I type - of course it's exploding so... go figure)
~ writing a review of a ESM tool that the company prez asked my bosses bosses boss to have reviewed... you know the deal... trickle down email requests... apparently I'm at pond level.
~ going to Home Despot... to buy drywalling stuff... which will include standing around the drywall displays and waiting for really grubby looking french guys covered in drywall plaster and asking their advice...
~ I understood what craiglist was... been there... tried to grok... just wondering...
~ to just send a few good vibes to crushdmb... the calendar is your best friend sugar... turn it's pages and find what lies behind them.
~ that things are ok for a pearl... a southseapearl...
~ and a little good karma out to thedreamingtree... hoping she gets what she wishes for... :)
~ that today brings something wonderful to a sweet girl wearing an electricians belt in cali... er... to serraph... :)
~ and while I'm on the subject of cool girls... I hope today is groove station for geekgrrrl and her wee boys... :D

I want (almost desperately) to restart that "Learning Flash" thing... I wish I could grab a fancy cell phone and say "Tank... I need to know everything there is to know about Flash... and how to fly a D11 Helicopter". Alas (earwax)... I suspect it will somewhat slower than that... and that I will never get to fly a helicopter.

"Well hello Mr. Fancypants!"

Ok... work is waiting... and seeing as work is directly linked to my not being broke all the time...
Time to work.
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