Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


what'd I do tonight...

Click the pink panther to load up an
animated gif of the wall progress to date.

A month or so ago we discovered a water puddle in the basement.
Long story short...
... a section of the finished wall - around a window no less...  - had to come out.
Out is easy.
Putting back... is another story.

Keeping in mind that it's a big deal for me to cut and install crown molding, let alone mess with walls.

So... I tore it out and cleaned it up.
Put in a new junction box with coax, and fish lines for speaker wire someday...
Wrapped both junction boxes in super-six vapour barrier plastic.
Stuffed in - ok "placed" - a shit load of pink insulation.
Covered this in super-six, stapled around the frame...
and "glued" all around to the original super-six to "seal" the insulation.
This is "below the frost line" or something so all the details are apparently important.
(the green stripe is just painters tape holding the pink in place).
Next? dry wall tomorrow night...
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