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dum di dum...

Ok... besides being hot...
~ besides feeling like the fabric of this shirt is sticking pins in me (It was cool 'nuf for an undershirt every other time I've worn it)...
~ besides having unnaturally sleepy eyes...

I've still managed to feel like a million bucks today.

Being able to snuggle that wee baby helped (a lot!!)
Work stuff is going well... (finished the internal web site... - does a little dance)

I even managed to move my car from sunlight to the moi cooler basement zone...
So the soon-to-begin drive home will at least start out cooler than otherwise.
(I'll still be a ball of sticky by the time I get home... NO A/C in car!! ug...)

I think the important reason...
the reason why I'm smiling er... "on the inside"...
is that I can feel the emotions that live within me.
They are a guide... and like a very seriously close friend
They always have a suggestion on which way the path lay.


Do you ever let your emotions get the better of you?
I mean, that almost sounds like you had a choice...
How about "do your emotions ever get the better of you?"
If yes... do you berate yourself for it?

You shouldn't you know...
Be thankful...
Thankful that you can feel emotions with enough strength
to be overwhelmed by them.
It not only marks you as a human...
... it also makes you wonderful.

Okidoki... time to go. :D
See ya tonight.

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