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Tuesday... June 15

Just because something was invented... that doesn't mean it's a good thing... or, more importantly, that you have to freaking use it.
Take "customized ring tones" for example.

I swear... I'm going to start stomping on phones jack-smacks leave on their desks when they take off and stoooopid, irritating, midi renditions of tv show theme songs and classical symphonies start blaring out of their cube.

But don't let that fool ya... I'm in a stellar mood.
My son finds me in the house before he leaves for school so he can have a smoochy goofy kiss and hug... and all is right in the world.

~ black ftls
~ gray ... ok a wee hint of blue... dress pants... you know... the ones altered by Joey's tailor
~ deep maroon dress shirt and a two tone blue tie... with that pattern in the silk you can only see when you look at it off-angle... dunno what thats called but it's called something...
~ Ok... look, if's fucking hot in here today. Yesterday (me in a golf shirt) it was cold... now? I'm planning on being hot all fucking day... shit.
~ a final (gah!) edit on the internal web page...
~ more BS15000 reading...
~ tonight? no idea...
~ to send some good vibes out to razzberee... because good news is much better than bad news... :D
~ for lil'Mrs. starlazdaze... um... well... some scratch scratch scratch scratch scratches... itch itch itch itch...
~ that I remember to email cherripop212 about xp stuff...
~ that pizza magic works wonders with a wee little girl that is sneaking into wolfiegirl's life...

I swear... therefore I am.

//rant time
The Canadian federal election candidates faced off in the "french debate" last night... The english debate is tonight.
Three of the four debaters speak french as a second language.
The fourth represents a party called the Bloc. (Bloc Quebecois) ... fuckers.
Their party mandate is to separate Quebec from Canada and form an independent state...
which would turn out to be a sink hole of debt and ultimately an energy gold mine for the United States to swallow up...
Of course... the United States would really protect their French Cultural identity.
Anyways... the talking heads are reviewing the debate issues this morning on the various news outlets.
Jack Layton is the exceptional DOLT that is heading up the NDP (Socialists party) ...
and for all the crap I'd like to sling his way...
I was pretty pissed to hear the news geeks saying, in their broken english accents...
"well his French was really not so good... we kept laughing when he spoke"
Yeah... you fuckers... take your french and shove it up your smelly little tortier.
Sorry but when you criticise the man for trying to speak your punk ass language and not for his messages... then you ... SUCK.
It's bad enough that official bilingualism is chewing away at the public purse in ways that are grossly under reported because everyone knows... say word one against official bilingualism and you are instantly the debbil... Well screw that. Gimmi the horns baby... official bilingualism is a pathetic waist of money. That doesn't translate into french-is-bad... it just means that the way "official bilingualism" has been implemented and the associated government policies suck big fat cocks in hell. ok... yeah... oui... mais oui... absolument.
Oh... and somebody round up the Bloc Party delegates and ship 'em to Iraq.
//fine... I'll stop.

I put on my cape and wizard hat...
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