Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 14

The look of a burn line!!

Actually... the back of my calves is the worst... ouch ouch ouch... I cross my legs when I sit back in my chair... and ouch ouch ouch!!!
On, and I need to delve more fully into the world of Hats.

I think this summers "big series dvd overdose" will be the series "Six Feet Under". I've watched one epi... it was good... but I want to start at the beginning... :D

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ the red p-z golf shirt
~ a wee bit of a smile... not bad for a monday.
~ no idea... well... ok, more css shit... like "where's the page footer gone?" issues...
~ more reading the BS15000 ... ug...
~ and I never did watch the "Army of Darkness" movie... so I think that's on for tonight... it seems admiral worthy...
~ to send a little hullo out to a friend of amyaustin's... and a brand new journaler... (go say hi!!) Mz boogierock..
~ that ladyfire doesn't have a cat fight today... haha... sorry... er... yeah.
~ to send some random and heartfelt vibes of peaceful easy feelings out to kristylicious

Regarding Shary... and the movingforward thing...
It very much smacks of the story of Laini, who took the time, (was it two years ago?) to really drag me into a house made of lies and deceit. It was horrible... but in the end, I was thankful that who I really knew was just a loser with several loose screws... and not a friend on the eve of her demise. It's a good trade. The biggest cost in that situation was how it jaded me and the people around me... and I have had to actively work towards not losing touch with the empathy that lives within.
Don't let her win... don't let her take anything from you.

The sun is shining ... but the clouds are threatening... and my rain coat is in the car... on the other side of the parking lot.

Have a great day... or hurt yourself trying to find one... it's a worthy cause.
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