Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless



~ Why do they put the perforations in toilet paper ever four inches?
I mean...
If you've ever ripped off a four inch square to clean up, then ...
I don't wanna know.

~ Dude at work, I'm calling him KB...
had lunch with a few coworkers including Ketchup Boy.
We went to this snaggs pizza parlour...
and we get this huge, perfect pizza,
Huge teeth server girl delivers a slice to each of us...
and KB freak'en coats his with ketchup.
Like, he's using a butter knife to smooth out the ridges in his ketchup.
Never... I've never heard of this... let alone witnessed it.

~ No matter what's going on...
Or how he's feeling...
if you wanna see my dad smile and all animated,
you just bring up the "potato gun".

~ hey... I said it was random.
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