Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday... June 9.

Well that's the first night with A/C running at home...
and, of course, I wake up with a stuffed up head and a headache.
I have to get back to suffering with heat... I mean, it's not like we live in Atlanta or something...

It's a beautiful... albeit warm as hell, day out there... and the Weather Idiots are calling for Thunderstorms this afternoon.
We'll see... I think it's in year four of advanced Meteorlogical Studies that they give the Top Students the Weather Dice and secretly admit that really it's all shit and you just roll the bones to get your forecast.

Now... what's all this about DumpDay... I mean, why dedicate a special day to it...??
If the need arises... you go and take one... heck... holding it it till wednesday has got to be bad for you...
And, while were on this ... what's with everyone talking about it... I mean... I appreciate a good dump as much as the next guy...
but do you hear me wishing my neighbours a happy dump? sheesh...
ohhhhhh *H*ump day...
ok, never mind.

~ black ftls
~ dark gray, kinda blue-ish, dress pants
~ very dark, short sleeve button up shirt...
~ an ache in the back of my head... grrrr
~ advil...
~ coffee...
~ remaining stress free and hoping this doesn't ramp up in headache land
~ sorting out info for the REP (reusable engagement package)
~ going to a meeting after work (4:30 - 6:00) at some local restaurant to get the latest blah blah from the main suits in charge of our business unit
~ zooming home from that to see the last half of Geo's soccer game...
~ well... that I didn't have a headache...
~ that I had a better plan for getting the rip stop nylon on the kite frame (sewing it with nylon thread by hand... ug)
~ to point out that a real bonus to lj is finding out just how much "more" a person is than they appear when you first see them... (I mean this in a good way).
~ ladymeg1 is a great example of that...
~ that you would all go to [ :: this post :: ] in izzicam's journal and check out her linked web site... not her cam site... a project of hers... it's sooooo nice. I wish I could do stuff like that...
~ to send out some good vibes for wbahner's mom today... gallbladder operation time... and I do hope all is well. :D
~ to say that I never stop being impressed by kumi... that's all..

Ok... because I enjoy shameless self promotion ...
and because I keep getting clues that people have not visited my site...

My web site, "corto's playground" needs a better name... but that's besides the point...
It's at
A full site map page is [ :: here :: ]
I have a cam (d'uh) that updates every 10 seconds during the day from work, and then switches over to my desk at home after work.
The "morning post" cam pictures are also linked on the "cam page".
A page presenting the "last 10 minutes" of cam images is there too.
There are several stories in the "words" section of the site and a complete history of the Survivor Updates.
There are buckets of cam image archives and also several photo albums for family vacations and all of my "A Day In My Life" projects.
The "gallery" section also has a complete tour of our home... although I really need to update several of the images.
My Livejournal is hard linked into the web site as well ("Journal") and presents all the public entries from LJ.

Okidoki... time for more work ...
see you soon. :D
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