Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hey... there's a [ :: transit of venus :: ] tomorrow morning...

So in the EST zone... get yer binoculars (don't look through them dufus) and a piece of paper.
Between sun up and about 7:25 AM;
If you can put the binoc's on something ... tripod, or on a stack of books... whatever...
All the better... it'll keep them still.
Adjust them to focus at infinity... and point them directly at the sun.
** Hello!! don't look through them!! **
And then put the paper (I put mine on a piece of cardboard) behind the eye piece a few inches.
You're looking for a disk of the sun and a black dot on it.
Over a few minutes it (the dot) will change position relative to the disk.

Big whoop... I know... but show your kids...
They will never get another chance to see this in their lifetimes.

ok ok ...

Time for bed.

ni ni... :D
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