Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

... :D


~ areo bar ... good.

~ I was reminded tonight of just how challenging it is to be
parents of 1-3 year old siblings... Most of the first year is a
breeze compared to anything that comes after about eight
months and on to three years.  In their own way they play
parents with as much precision as a concert cellist... kind
of an instinct thing.  Learning to walk and learning to make
choices and learning to use a bathroom and learning to play
independently and learning to go to sleep and and and and... 
It's hard on relationships...
It's hard on individuals...
And it's a dramatically rewarding labour of love.
It makes me realize how good we have it with our kids these days.
Save a spoon for friends in that place...

~ it's hot... it's A/C time tomorrow... supposed to be up in the 90's

~ I'm definitely going to bed at a good time tonight... !!!
(looks at clock ... pinches self)

~ too bad about the cup... but the flames sure had a great run. 
(I turned it on EXACTLY as the final buzzer sounded... exactly!)

~ today has been a good day. 

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