Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ after some patient instruction from z,
i'm using the sewing machine to sew
some of the panels for the kite...
putting a "hem" on the nylon.

~ I have to say... Sewing Machines
are outstanding geek. I mean...
it's like freaking magic... :D  :D
(ok, I'm only sewing straight - and I use
the term loosely - lines but still....)

~ another busy day... borrowed the neighbors
uber extendo thing and washed / squeegied
the upper windows... and ran a billion errands..

~ Edwards soccer went well... the little "herd ball"
players are having a blast...

~ We have "buba ho tep" to watch tonight...
I'm hoping it's good or z is going to be very
reticent about letting me pick movies... :D

~ it's almost 9:00 ... time to run the kids a bath.

~ and, btw, they called for rain this weekend...
and they're idiots.  It's been beautiful...
it threatened a bit this morning but the afternoon
was of a rather sunny disposition. :D

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