Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

one more time...

I'm just say'en this again... so I don't keep living issues like one that's wrapping around me today...

I think you guys are great and I totally dig reading the stuff in Lj that I get a chance to read.
In fact, my family teases the heck out of me about how much time I spend hangin with you.

Many of you seem to click really well with me and we get on great...
I find that to be an amazing thing...
especially when I consider the distances, both physical and metaphysical, between us.

Note, however, that I use the lj feature "Default View". 
This lets me add a group of journals to a filter that becomes the default "view" of my friends list....
Click "friends" and that list is all I see.

I move large blocks of friends' journals in and out of that filter when the mood hits me.
This way I try to keep a manageable list ... a group I can read and keep up with.

Often, it is true, that I come back to someones journal and find that momentous events have transpired since the last time I read them. 
When possible ... I track back and see what's up.

If I'm missing something... and it's a big deal to you... well cool... let me know.
I get a lot of that... and I really appreciate it when it happens.

I journal with my little morning post things... pictures...  tv show updates... rants... whatever... for my own reasons.
and I read ... for my own reasons. 
I'm certain... in fact it's proven to me on a regular basis...
that a great many people that come across my journal think I'm an absolute nut. (and I don't actually care!)

I don't "not read you" for any draconian, freak-out reason and if it really bugs you to know that I don't read you all the time...
well... click click click and oh look... the door.

I really don't have room in my life for guilt trips.
So keep those to yourself.

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