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Does a little dance... it's friday!!! June 4.

Ok... if yesterday was a perfect morning... then today is a perfect morning on pure heroin...
There are little wisps of cloud crawling across a crystal blue sky.
I need my sweater... it's a few degrees colder than usual but it's lovely...
It's a day meant for smiles...
A day for hearts to remember what love is.
And for friendships to remember just how much difference they make in a life.

The door bell rang at 7:00 (our alarm goes off at 7:20... rings till 7:40 then, normally I would wake up... hahahaha... no really... and crawl over the kids and Suz and turn it off...)
I know the door bell rang because the sound of our door bell had absolutely no place what-so-ever in the exceptional dreams I was having at that moment... So I staggered downstairs in my boxers and a housecoat to open the garage door for the worker bee's that are doing our walk. After much negotiation (after my shower...etc) with the contractor... we decided to put a low retaining wall all along the outside edge of the walk way and also managed to negotiate him down by several hundred dollars on the total package price so I'm kinda all happy 'bout that... :D

~ um... checks... oh... red stripee ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: friday friday friday... he remains quite a strange boy :: ]
~ b.u.m. equip tshirt and a big warmish beige sweater...
~ um... ok, more style sheet testing... but that's getting towards the end...
~ reading (again) the BS15000 standards binder... making a new "reusable engagement package" from those specs... gasp...
~ something about red hot monkey sex... um... er, never mind...
~ tonight... I hope... :D :D
~ that you'd go and read [ :: this post :: ] by my friend, hilts. Makes a valid point...
~ for a great weekend to be in store for cottontimer... she posted an "average day" post the other day... and it was really kinda nice... I absolutely dig finding out how the days and lives go for my friends in such far off parts of the world... seeing the ways that we are all so very much the same (she's in Vietnam now with her family...)
~ to just send some "I think you're fantastic" vibes out to complet_je because... um... she's fantastic.
~ I could fill a nice clean, warm and comfy, sock with happy and send it to crushdmb... just 'cause.
~ that I could go to Karioki (sp?) night with nordicgrrl... :D
~ and that whatever is up... works out like a bandit for you sugar... er... sugarvaulter... :D

Kinda wanted to talk about oil here... oil and saudi ... but I'm gonna save that for a little later.

Instead... let me turn to someone I respect and admire for a quote.
(and I almost never ever ever quote someone elses journal in mine... but I really like this one)

Do you know fallingforward?
Yeah... well maybe you do and maybe you don't ...
Here's a quote from a public post in her journal.
I'm quoting it... because it sums up so many deeply felt rants very nicely.
It's a small quote from [ :: this long post :: ]
... and it goes like this;
Mommy and daddy do have some explaining to do, in my book.
They need to explain why they insist on making this [ lesbian relationships] a sexual issue.
And why this supposedly sexual issue is so much more heinous than those
infecting the very religion that's being held up as the moral accuser of gay families.
Why is it that a pedophile priest can obtain absolution, succor, forgiveness,
from the church, but a public office holder who supports a woman's choice
cannot take communion?
An officer of the church can sexually molest a child and be offered redemption,
no matter how many offenses, but a loving same-sex family can't be a part of
that church unless they "go straight"?

~ I applaud this woman for her clear sight on this pathetic issue.
(and yeah, I kinda think she's like a super hero... sorta Miss Galaxy like...)

Ok... all done for now... time to do my bosses bidding for a bit...
See ya. :D

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